County Moth recorders for Wiltshire

Moth Recording Spreadsheet

Macro Moths:

Dave Brotheridge Is the Macro Moth recorder and can be contacted by either email or by phone 01672 539547

Moth records should be emailed to
Wayne will run some initial validation and verification on the records and pass then on to Dave.


Dave Brotheridge is to take over the micro moth recording: details above.
Micro moth verification guidlines and spreadsheet can be found here. This guide provides guiance on what level of proof is require for each species, EG
  1. "Acceped as is", 
  2. Photo or specimen
  3. Voucher specimen
  4. Dissection required.
Moth Recording

A excel spreadsheet has been developed which should make it easy to record your Moth sightings. The data in the spreadsheet can easily be imported by our recorders into other programs like MapMate which is used to record the distribution and abundance of moths.

Using this spreadsheet will help you easily enter your mothing records with the minimum of typing. It can also inform you that you may have caught a scarce or Red Data book species, giving you a chance to confirm the ID with your peers or perhaps take additional notes, or a photograph.


For more details Contact Wayne Clinch

You can download the 2017 Moth Recording Spreadsheet here


Recent Moth Sightings


Below is the Webmasters recent catches, for a complete up to date list click the link below.