Welcome to the Wiltshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation

The future of our butterfly and moth populations in Britain is under threat with many specialist species in serious decline. Butterfly Conservation's reason for being is to save these populations by identifying the causes for the decline and carrying out corrective measures to halt and reverse the trend.

To do this successfully we need volunteer help locally in Wiltshire, particularly from those who may not yet members of BC, to record what is out there by conducting butterfly transects and moth trapping. We have to know what species we have and how they are prospering if we are to save them. Help with scrub clearance on important sites is also a vital role for volunteers.

In parallel we need to educate the community and in particular the younger generation about moths and butterflies by way of public events such as the annual Bird & Butterfly Day at Iford Manor near Bradford on Avon.

Hugo Brooke






Sunday 26th July: A Butterfly Walk inside the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA)

Members of the Wiltshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation are invited to join in a butterfly walk inside the SPTA on Sunday 26th July 2015.  This will be a unique opportunity to visit the peaceful, pristine and unspoiled natural environment of the training area, an area roughly the size of the Isle of White that is off limits to the general public for most of the season.


We will meet at 11am at Imber Church for a welcome and an initial safety briefing, before setting off on a variety of guided walks radiating from Imber village. The aim will be to see and record as many species of butterfly and moth as we can. Lunch will be a BYO picnic at the Church at about 1pm, when I hope you will join me for a drink - it just happens to be my birthday! Lunch will be followed by another walk as desired. They want us to clear the SPTA by 4pm.


We hope to organise a small competition or two. So if you feel inclined please bring your camera, something to write with and something to write on. An Explorer map of the area would be a useful asset. You will need good footwear.


For security reasons you will need to bring your Butterfly Conservation membership card and let me have the make, model and registration number of your car at least a week in advance. Regrettably, for the same reason the minimum age for everyone attending has to be 16 years. Numbers may have to be limited, so I advise you to register with me sooner rather than later, but in any event by Sunday 19th July 2015. In order to get some idea of numbers I would be grateful if those of you who think you might like to come along to please drop me an email of intent in the meantime.

Hugo Brooke <hugobrooke@gmail.com>



Welcome the Wiltshire branch of Butterfly Conservation.


Our new look website has some great new features,,

  1. Report your butterfly sightings online.
  2. Link your butterfly / moth photographs to your sightings
  3. Optionally receive an email when someone submits a sighting online.
  4. Optionally, only have your sighting reported to the county recorder. (for sensitive sites or species)
  5. Find information about local events such as field trips, members meetings and Mothing events.

To use these new features you will need to register using the registration tab.