Brown Hairstreak

Thecla betulaePhotoWingspan  Female 39 - 45mm   Male 37 - 41mm 

This small elusive butterfly is the largest of the British hairstreaks. The female upperwings are a deep warm brown and her upper forewings sport large orange flashes, these flashes are absent in the male. The underside of both sexes is orange with white streaks. 

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Flight Period
Late July - Late September 

Larval food plant
Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) 

Woodland edge, Blackthorn hedgerows 

Resident, scarce and restricted, mainly North Wiltshire 

Earliest Sightings
Earliest county record: 19th July 2011 North Wiltshire (Matthew Oates) 

Latest county record
15th October 1989