Wiltshire Branch are receiving regular updates from Butterfly Conservation who are doing everything possible to provide support and reassurance to staff, volunteers and supporters.  In line with government guidelines: 

  • Transect walking and WCBS recording is suspended
  • IMPORTANT: Butterfly Conservation can continue to receive your sightings, but journeys away from home to record butterflies and moths MUST NOT be made as these would be considered non-essential journeys

The latest UKBMS guidelines for transects and WCBS which can be found here.  Butterfly Conservation advice on recording can be found here.  Arrangements will continue to be reviewed and updates provided on our websites, social media channels and by email to those registered with us.  It is of great regret that these measures are necessary, especially in the light of the lovely weather this week, however these are exceptional times and we are working together to keep everyone healthy and safe. 


Transect walking is a method for assessing butterfly abundance and involves walking a fixed route, called the transect, through an area at least once a week from 1st April until the end of September and within specific weather conditions. Sites where transects are carried out in Wiltshire are listed below. If you want to become involved, please contact Mike Fuller,

For abundance trends on monitored Sites in 2011 - 2012 click here

Click on the Transect Name or Grid Reference for more information from the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme Website.


UKBMS Code   

Transect Name and location Status Transect Walker(s) Grid Reference  
 2436  Barbury Castle, Wroughton  Live  Peter David  SU 149 763   
 2401  Bentley Wood - Barnridge  Live  David Lambert et al.  SU 242 295  
 2430  Bentley Wood - Compartment Four  Live  David Lambert et al.  SU 253 318  
 2402  Bentley Wood - Eastern Clearing  Live  David Lambert et al.  SU 258 291  
 2429  Bentley Wood - Frenchmoor  Hampshire  David Lambert et al.  SU 275 285  
 2431  Bentley Wood Hawksgrove  Live  David Lambert et al.  SU 240 280  
 2403  Bentley Wood - North  Live  David Lambert et al.  SU 250 300  
 2404  Bentley Wood - South  Live  David Lambert et al.  SU 251 283  
 2405  Biss Wood (WWT reserve), Trowbridge  Live  Audrey Brown  ST 877 567  
 2406  Blackmoor Copse (WWT reserve), Farley  Live  Roy & Sara Cowley  SU 235 291  
 TBA  Blakehill (WWT reserve), Cricklade  Live  Robin Griffiths  SU 077 914  
 2407  Boscombe Down A (MOD)  Live  Tim Frawley et al.  SU 177 412  
 2408  Boscombe Down O (WCC)  Live  Diane Lee    SU 185 408  
 2409  Bratton Castle Earthworks (EH)  Live  Mike Fuller, Nick Wynn  ST 904 516  
 2437  Danks Down, Castle Combe  Live  Maurice Avent  ST 839 766  
 2410  Dean Hill (West) (NT), West Grimstead  Live  Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beer  SU 225 257  
 TBA  Figsbury Ring (NT)  Live  David Lawman   SU 188 338  
 2411  Green Lane Wood (WWT reserve), Trowbridge  Live  Roger Beckett  ST 881 577  
 2413  Kennet and Avon canal towpath, Bradford-on-Avon  Live  Mike Fuller, Clive Patten  ST 828 597  
 2415  Middle Street Meadow, Harnham, Salisbury  Live  Pam Rouquette  SU 225 257  
   Newton Tony, RSPB  Live  Diane Lee  SU 22   39  
 2417  Park Bottom, Sherrington  Stopped  Volunteer required   ST 953 374  
 83  Pewsey Down NNR  Live  Ray Jenkins  SU 110 630   
 102  Picket Wood (WT), near Westbury  Live  Mike Fuller, Nick Wynn  ST 870 540  
 991  Porton Down No. 1 (Roche Court Down)  Live  Sarah Atkinson, Charlie Hobbs  SU 240 350   
 2418  Porton Down No. 2 (Tower Hill Wood)  Live  Sarah Atkinson, Charlie Hobbs  SU 240 387  
 2419  Prickmoor Wood, Chittoe  Stopped  Volunteer required  ST 951 661  
 2439  Red Lodge Wood (FC), Purton  Live  Frank & Paula Train (July & Aug)  SU 060 890  
 TBA  RSPB, Normanton Down  Live  RSPB Staff  SU 115 405  
 TBA  RSPB, Winterbourne Downs, Newton Tony  Live  RSPB Staff  SU 215 335  
 2421  Roundway Hill Covert,  Devizes  Live  Colin Dodd   SU 003 640  
 136  Somerford Common (FC), Brinkworth    Included in site 2423   SU 020 860  
 2423  Somerford Common (FC) extended  Live  Robin Griffiths  SU 025 685  
 2440  The Batters  Cancelled    ST 876 698  
 2441  Tuckingmill, Tisbury  Live  Andrew Graham et al.  ST 936 290  
 2424  Upton Cow Down, Upton Scudamore  Stopped  Access denied  ST 871 484  
 2425  Vagg's Hill, Wingfield, Trowbridge  Live  Simon Young  ST 807 560  
 2434  Hazelbury Common, Box  Live  Alan Carpenter et al.  ST 837 677  
 2426  Webb's Wood (FC), Brinkworth  Live  Peter David  SU 045 857  
 2427  West Yatton Down, Castle Combe  Live  Maurice Avent, Hugo Brooke  ST 853 759  
 2428  Whitesheet Hill Quarry  Live  Hugo Brooke  ST 799 351  
 TBA  Sutton Lane Meadows (NT), Sutton Benger  Stopped   Volunteer required   ST 947 776   
 TBA  Hinton Parva Coombes (NT), East of Swindon   In abeyance   Allan Cox  SU 228 827  
 TBA  Ravensroost Wood (WWT reserve)  Live  Robin Griffiths  SU 023 879  
   Upton Scudamore, A350 Embankment  Live  Jane Cole   ST 870 483  
   Morgan's Hill WWT reserve  Live  Robin Griffiths et al.  SU 02   67  
   Vernditch Chase (FC)  Live  Chris Hill et al.  SU 035 206  
   Larkhill Horne, DTE SP(C)  Live  Mike Lockwood  SU 12   44  
   Larkhill LACGEN2, DTE SP(C)  Live  Mike Lockwood  SU 13   45  
   Langley Wood NNR  Live  Sue Clarke et al.  SU 22   20  
   Rockley Bank (MDNIA) In abeyance  Ray Jenkins  SU 166 720  
   Hodson Scarp (MDNIA) In abeyance  Maurice Avent, Hugo Brooke  SU 17   80  
   Fitzmaurice School Field, Bradford-on-Avon  Live  Mike Fuller, Clive Patten  ST828 601  
   Country Park North Meadow, Bradford-on-Avon  Live  Sarah Gregory  ST 821 605