Painted Lady

Vanessa Cardui 

PhotoWingspan: 64-70 

The upperwings are a pinkish orange with a mottling of black patches. The apex of the forewing is black with several white patches. The underside of the forewing is a dull version of the upperside. The underside of the hindwing is an intricate pattern of white, greys and fawns. Several, yellow bordered, bluish black centered eyespots are located near the edge of the hindwing. The pale veins are also conspicuous. 

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Flight Period
Arrive from late March with number building to May/June. Their offspring peak in early August. 

Larval Food plants
Thistles (Cirsium spp. Carduus spp)
Common Nettle (Urtica dioica) 

Habitat Requirements
Found in a wide variety of habitats 

Wiltshire Status
Frequent to common immigrant. 

Wiltshire Sites
Anywhere in the county.

Earliest sightings
Earliest county record 8th January 1899 

Latest county record
13th December 2000