Silver-washed Fritillary

Argynnis paphiaPhotoWingspan: 72 - 76mm 

The Silver-washed is our largest Fritillary. It gets its name from the silver streaks of the hind underwing. The male is a brighter orange than the female. The male also shows four black veins known as "sex bands" which can be clearly seen. 

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Flight Period
Mid-June to early September. 

Larval Food plants
Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana) 

Woodland with a few open areas, hedgerows adjoining suitable woodland. 

Wiltshire Status
Resident, fairly common and widespread. 

Earliest sightings
Earliest county record 3rd June 2011, Bentley Wood (Steve & Liz Oakes) 

Latest county record
18th September 2008 & 2010