Dingy Skipper (5)

Large White (1)

Green-veined White (1)

Common Blue (3)

Adonis Blue (100)

Marsh Fritillary (39)

Forester (2)

Five-spot Burnet (50)

Latticed Heath (5)

Burnet Companion (1)

 I'm not sure if anyone else is recording at Roundway Down near Devizes. Based on habitat alone and the presence of Devils bit scabious in favourable conditions I have long thought that Roundway should support Marsh Fritillary. Today I saw 39 (including at least 9 females) all across the site, so safe to say they are breeding there. There were also hundreds of Adonis Blue (up to 20 in view at one time). Lots of females as well as males, including fresh males emerging and drying wings. Twenty years ago the site was distinctly under grazed. Its now grazed by cattle and in places the horseshoe vetch is abundant in the short sward on the steepest slopes of the south facing Coombes. Marsh fritillary also seen nectaring on an arable reversion field immediately above the downs (reverted about 20 years ago). Two forester moths seen in flight but not sure which species as both rockrose and Sorel occur on the site.

Stephen Davis