Large Skipper (3)

Grizzled Skipper (2)

Small White (18)

Green Hairstreak (1)

Common Blue (3)

Adonis Blue (22)

Small Tortoiseshell (9)

Dark Green Fritillary (5)

Marbled White (1)

Meadow Brown (9)

Small Heath (18)

Forester (1)

Five-spot Burnet (25)

Mother Shipton (1)

Burnet Companion (1)

 First time Ive seen a Marbled White in May. also first time I've seen Dark Green fritillaries in May. All very fresh. Parts of the site beginning to look very dry. Some common spotted orchid drying out before flower spike has fully expanded. Also beee orchid, lesser butterfly orchid, Fragrant and Pyramidal orchids present.

Stephen Davis