Small Skipper (98)

Large Skipper (8)

Large White (2)

Small White (13)

Comma (5)

Red Admiral (4)

Dark Green Fritillary (8)

Silver-washed Fritillary (37)

Speckled Wood (3)

Marbled White (61)

Gatekeeper (21)

Meadow Brown (140)

Ringlet (64)

Small Heath (17)

 Question mark over the Common Blue. I watched if flitting around and settling on a puddle and scat but it was never at rest with wings open as it was so warm and I am insufficiently confident in my ID of the underside of blues. But in flight it was a very pale chalkhill blue blue rather than what I would expect for either common or adonis, which is what caught my attention. It didn't look worn from what I saw of the underside at least. I could just see black lines on the outer edge of the wing tops. But it looked too small for a Chalkhill and surely not in Grovely? After 15 mins I am afraid I gave up waiting for a glimpse of the upper sides.

Andrew Graham