Small Skipper (21)

Large White (4)

Small White (8)

Green-veined White (1)

White-letter Hairstreak (3)

Small Copper (2)

Small Blue (1)

Brown Argus (1)

Common Blue (1)

Chalkhill Blue (1)

Painted Lady (1)

Small Tortoiseshell (6)

Comma (1)

Dark Green Fritillary (4)

Silver-washed Fritillary (1)

Marbled White (54)

Gatekeeper (4)

Meadow Brown (124)

Ringlet (7)

Small Heath (9)

 12.45 - 14.00. First hairsteak sighting had me fooled at first, I think, as it was high up on an oak and also hard to see because of the strong sun. But I reckon it was actually a WLH. Photo uploaded in case you want to override me. Other WLH sightings easier, both right in front of my eyes on exactly the same bramble patch that I saw WLH when I visited in 2018.

Simon Crampin