Brimstone (1)

Small White (4)

Green-veined White (1)

Red Admiral (54)

Painted Lady (1)

Small Tortoiseshell (1)

Peacock (1)

Comma (8)

Speckled Wood (1)

Meadow Brown (1)

 11 - 13. Ugford farm to Dinton Beeches. A glorious day, at that time of year when the best way see butterflies is to use ones ears and nose - that is, using the hum of bees busy collecting nectar and the yeasty scent that fills the air to find patches of flowering ivy at its peak, and then searching out for the almost invariable sight of attendant RA butterflies also taking advantage. Stretches of the Drove are richly endowed with large expanses of ivy, and the western stretches where the Drove also nestles in the folds of the land, proving some shelter from the breeze of the day, was where the majority of the butterflies were seen. My favourite walk at this time of year.

Simon Crampin